Social, economic, and environmental impact by design

We harness the invisible forces impacting a project, from politics to climate to culture, as a visible trajectory through architecture.

Latent Design is a progressive architecture firm and strategic urban design consultant with a commitment to community development in Chicago. Our highly collaborative process of define-design-deploy allows us to fully integrate all aspects of project into a comprehensive implementation strategy. We offer innovative design solutions to those in resource and budget limited environments by leveraging local assets to generate project opportunities. Our collaborations range from small-scale tactical interventions, new construction community buildings, adaptive reuse commercial and residential spaces, to neighborhood master plans and design speculations. 

We create vibrant spaces to live, work, and play.




Blah Blah Blob

Blah Blah Blob! transforms the idea that art is to be watched and never touched and turns it inside out by engulfing participants in a billowy cloud of bright colors and amorphous forms that reacts to the touch of each Union Station Commuter that ventures inside. Commuters, people watchers, newspaper readers, snack eaters, conductors, and picture takers are invited to wander inside the multi-colored blob or view it from a distance as it moves in time with those navigating its passage ways.



Social Media


We will listen, analyze and define innovative approaches to guide the existing spatial platform for community wellness, environmental excellence, and enjoyment between neighbors. Public spaces and small business are a vital ingredient of successful cities. They facilitate social capital, economic development and community revitalization. As architects, we are acutely equipped to synthesize information from divergent sources and pinpoint common interests and solutions. As small business owners, we can innovate on resource management strategies and materialize entrepreneurial spark. As citizens, we will always strive for better shared spaces. 

Our clients become our family, the projects our community, and their impact our baseline.

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