fisk/pilsen pier

Construction of the Fisk Generating Station campus began in 1903. It housed the world’s first all-steam turbine generating plant and its operation depended on the Chicago River for its water supply and coal deliveries. For a decade, environmental activists lobbied for the closure of the plant, which was a major source of pollution in the Pilsen area. In February 2012, stakeholders reached an agreement to close the plant and open it up to the market for future redevelopment. Neighborhood residents would like to see it cleaned up and the historic structures preserved. They imagine the area as a mixed-use development with nonpolluting manufacturing supporting local entrepreneurial activities and expanded green space. A revitalized riverfront with public access is at the heart of the vision for Pilsen Pier.

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Featured as part of Chicago Architecture Foundations 'Take Me To The River" exhibit

Year: 2013
Size: 27 acres
Location: Chicago
Typology: Urban Design
Partners: PERRO + Architecture for Humanity