Fresh Moves 2.0 Featured at AIA Con 2017

Our first project started back in early 2010 when were newly laid off due to the recession, but newly licensed was Fresh Moves as the project lead from Architecture for Humanity Chicago. This project was Chicago's first mobile produce market in a decommissioned transit bus designed to provide produce access in food deserts across Chicago. In 2011, the first bus launched to great fanfare, services over 25,000 people in the first year, secured the first FDA grant to study mobile markets in the US, and received multiple design awards. This project set the tone for the social impact work with nonprofits that we wanted to be part of at Latent Design. Unfortunately, the nonprofit closed in 2013 and the buses sat dormant until 2015 when they were acquired by Growing Power and our custom interiors reused for two new buses.

We have come full circle with the project to now see it on the expo floor and AIA Convention, revised and refined. Please visit us on Thursday at 4pm and we with the Growing Power and Hammersley Architecture team talk about design for food access and the journey of Fresh Moves. 

For more information about Fresh Moves 1.0, click here for our project page.
For more information about Growing Power, click here.
For more information about the design of Fresh Moves 2.0 and Hammerslet Architecture, click here.

Katherine Darnstadt