UN Habitat Future of Places conference

The second Future of Places conference, organized by UN-Habitat explores the importance of planning, design, and management of public space in addition to access. The theme of the conference is “Streets as Public Spaces and Drivers of Urban Prosperity”.

The conference will reflect the importance of street design in enabling or hindering the well-being of urban citizens. This topic takes on special urgency in light of the growing challenges that cities face all over the world, in particular rapid urbanization and growing inequity. Katherine will present the firm's Chicago placemaking initiatives and attempts to scale impact.

UN-Habitat Executive Director, Dr Joan Clos, said: “We believe that public spaces and the understanding of ‘placemaking’ have to be closely related to physical setting; that is the physical characteristic of space and the urban fabric that permeates these places. Good urban design is essential for enabling a social setting that will work for all a city’s residents.”

Download UN-Habitat Streets as Public Spaces white paper

Katherine Darnstadt