Sustainable Cities Design Academy 11

The Sustainable Cities Design Academy (SCDA) was developed by the American Architectural Foundation to support and advance good sustainable design practices. This initiative provides leadership development and technical assistance to local community leaders who are engaged in planning a sustainable building project in their community.

Katherine participated in an intensive two day workshop facilitated by SCDA as part of the technical resource team for Greenwood, Mississippi. Greenwood is a city deep in the delta trying to connect of complimentary and complex comprehensive planning initiatives that involve housing, recreation, economic development, and rehabilitation of historic buildings and structures. The project teams and designers exchanged ideas around best practices in urban design, placemaking, phased financing, and authentic community engagement practices. The participants established a wider network of support, learning, and leadership to draw from when faced with opportunities to design better places.

Download final presentation "Come Back to Greenwood"

Katherine Darnstadt