SOILED - Collaborated Filth – Platescrapers

SOILED is an architectural periodical. It investigates latent issues in the built environment and the politics of space.

Issue 3: Platescrapers probes edible encounters at the intersection of inhabited spaces and the processes of cultivating, peddling, and devouring. It posits that foodstuffs can become extensions of physical places. Platescrapers is at once a narrative and a rallying cry, commingling food culture with established power structures and political agendas. Along this trajectory, Platescrapers navigates itinerant fare, comestible politics, and gastro-ritual to purvey stories about social issues and exaggerated realities; each story illustrates food as a monument to galvanize the public. Akin to the issues of SOILED before it, Platescrapers believes that the printed page can transcend the bookshelf—that print media can orient itself with the dinner table, according to architectural and caloric coordinates.

Our contribution to this issue includes an an axonometric of a healthy baby’s inputs and outputs. Additional contributors to this issue include; Stewart Hicks, Allison Newmeyer, Joseph Altshuler, Annie Lambla, Thomas Hillier, Greg Corso, Kyle Andrew Sturgeon, Eylül Kethüda Wintermeyer, and Francesco Vedovato.

Katherine Darnstadt