SOILED - Collaborated Filth – Groundscrapers

SOILED is an architectural periodical. It investigates latent issues in the built environment and the politics of space.

As an alternative to the proliferation of digital media, SOILED is an interactive artifact that is simultaneously disposable and precious. In symbiosis with its value as a bound book, certain pages of the publication are intended to be removed, manipulated, and used to explore and re-contextualize the reader’s environments. The inaugural issue, Groundscrapers, probes systems, populations, and infrastructures that occupy massive amounts of space in our existing cities, yet go unrecognized by typical urban dwellers. Rather than reaching vertically towards the sky, Groundscrapers seeks to reach horizontally across disciplines to cultivate meaningful moments along and within the pedosphere. Through conscious positioning of content, visual matter, sediment, and ephemera, Groundscrapers theorizes that the physicality of the printed page can transcend the bookshelf—that print media can orient itself with the surface of the earth, according to its geographical and architectural coordinates.

Our contributions to this issue include a manifesto on "Soil as a Pedagogical Model". Other contributors include: Department of Unusual Certainties, Stewart Hicks + Allison Newmeyer, Rael San Fratello Architects, John Szot Studio, and Dan Weissman.

Katherine Darnstadt