Placemaking at the Polish Triangle

The Guild Literary Complex hosts “Broken Windows,” on Tuesday, September 3, from 6pm-8pm, in the Polish Triangle located at the intersection of Division Street, Ashland Avenue, and Milwaukee Avenue. The free event will include an open mic and stories from Paul Durica, Maribel Mares, and Sarah Ross. A free afternoon workshop on “placemaking” will be lead by architect Katherine Darnstadt, founder of Latent Design, from 3pm-5pm featuring Blah Blah Blob.

The “broken windows” social theory states that community ailments such as trash, graffiti, and loitering, when left unchecked, invite larger criminal problems. But if the “broken windows” are fixed, a community invites economic development and social prosperity. In practice, the concept can evolve into zero tolerance for behavior or people considered disruptive or unwanted. Our readers will present stories from the middle, tales that examine conflict and offer surprise as they foreground the human element in urban design.

Katherine Darnstadt